We are in an era where typing is quite elemental. The majority of human communication today is digital where the immersive palpable experiences of penning a note or hand-writing a story has followed the fate of tape cassettes as well as video rentals. Cursive writing is now a diminishing art which is a worrying trend.

Numerous studies carried out indicate that cursive writing stimulates a range of brain activity and significantly boosts exceptional motor abilities. Moreover, writing in longhand has been fruitful in improving the ability of students recollecting information more effectively at the same time supporting and stimulating ingenuity as well as idea generation. Researches have also found that kids that have a mastery of cursive writing are better in spelling and reading compared to those mastering manuscript writing. The processing of joining cursive letters such as your name ensures that the writers focus more on the entire word rather than a single letter or part.

Writing in cursive is undoubtedly a stunning technique of writing. It would be a good idea that you encourage your little ones to acquire this fading writing technique. Despite the world being vastly digitized, there is no reason that cursive writing should be entirely forgotten. However, that doesn’t mean that it is only children that should learn cursive. Adults as well can engage in the art especially those who feel that every day of typing has deprived them of the ingenuity and artistry that comes with cursive writing. It is time that you resurrect your inner penman. Gaining the skills will make you a good mentor for your kids that are learning writing in cursive. In the post, we will list down a few steps to help you get started.

Before we get into the basics of this service, you should find the right tools for cursive. You will need to get an ergonomic chair that will offer comfort and have you sitting in an upright posture. The chair should make your shoulders tense. The wiring table or desk should not be too low or too high to help you attain the ideal results. Make sure that you also get a felt pen or gel pen that writes in fluid lines. It will be the right pen for cursive writing. Make use darker ink for your writing to be visible on the writing surface.

Furthermore, you ought to have the right writing techniques. When writing cursive, the letters should be angling to about 35 degrees to the right. Please do not hold the pen tightly as it will ruin the technique; loosen it a little. Have your pen held at a 45-degree angle as you write. To explore more details on cursive writing click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cursive_script_(East_Asia).

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